Mojtaba Pourmohsen, an Iranian novelist, journalist, poet, and translator was born in Rasht in 1979.

Pourmohsen began writing in 2000, working as a critic for the popular newspapers: Hamshahri, Sedaaye Edaalat, Roozegaar, Hambastegi and Etemaad.]

From 2002 to 2003 he wrote regularly for Etemaad and Hambastegi newspapers.

Books by Pourmohsen

I Want Myself To Meet An Accident, Mrs Nurse- 2000 -Namjoo Fard publications
Sevens – 2006 Hezareye Sevome Andisheh publications
solo Tango ,published by Iran Open Publishing Group-in europe and
solo Tango a collection of poems , 2009 , Hezare Sevom Andishe In Iran

Spring 63 is a novel by Mojtaba Pourmohsen that Published in Summer 2009 by Chshmeh Pub, a highly Significant Publisher in Iran. It was reprinted in Autmn 2009.

Foot’s Fingers, a selection of poems by Raymond Carver, translated by Pourmohsen , 2009- Hezare Sevom Andishe Publications.
Man Without Country, by Kurt Vonnegut, translated by Pourmohsen, 2009, Hezare Sevom Andishe Publications.

We And the West, a collection of interviews with Scholars, Writers,theorisians about Iranians And Westers, 2008, Zamaneh Publication.


Writing Is My Fate, a collection of interviews with important poets, writers and playwrights, translated by Pourmohsen.

The Wild Bunch, a illustrate Books about western cinema.

Since December 2006 until June 2010 worked with Radio Zamaneh. He was a critic and broadcaster of Culture & art programmes with Radio Zamaneh. Pourmohsen also works as a editor for Gilan Today. His interviews and litrary articles publish in Farheekhtegan Daily.

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